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In this episode, Coach Gina explores the importance of shifting out of anxiety focused living.  If you are seeing things through an attitude of gratitude lens, your experience of the world is by default much more peaceful.  Your thoughts can act as self-fulfilling prophecies, especially with expectations of anxiety (based on plans for future actions or environments).  Not everyone is aware of their expectations for anxiety and that they help precipitate anxious states.

Action steps to change the anxiety lens you are looking though:

1) Awareness: you need to be aware you are doing it and being so will remove the power from the lens

2) Relaxation: some kind of daily meditation or relaxation is a critical and very helpful first step that can change your brain and view your environment differently

3) Don't just take off the lens of anxiety: replace it with something better (gratitude, peace, happy thoughts)

I focus on perspective and gratitude. -Gary Vaynerchuk

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Relaxation! If you think you can't do it listen in for some super easy ideas for relaxing no matter where you are. Using your body as the means to convey the message that all is well.

Without giving up hope—that there’s somewhere better to be, that there’s someone better to be—we will never relax with where we are or who we are.
-Pema Chödrön

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What to do when you are faced with your medications no longer working? Everything we do here at Anxiety Coaches Podcast can be done if you are on or not on medications. Today Gina answers a question a listener sent to us on the Send Us a Voicemail Tab on the website.
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Resource Mentioned: Hope and Help For Your Nerves

The hope that is left after all your hopes are gone -- that is pure hope, rooted in the heart.

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Where is your focus? Listen in today and hear how a focus on gratitude can be a salve to your soul and move you away from fearful thinking.

-Four action steps to take to use gratitude to help with anxiety
1) Journaling
2) Be consistent (make a good habit out of it)
3) Be easy on yourself
4) Don't be superficial

Gratitude brings us home to ourselves.
-Guri Mehta

Resource Mentioned:
Joy On Demand


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Today's episode we have a listener question from the Send Voicemail Tab on our website. Kellie asks about how to deal with building anxiety when in a social setting.

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We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. -Marcel Proust

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Use your digital detox as an awareness practice! We love our screens and they serve us well let's keep it that way with awareness. 

Article mentioned in today's episode Digital Detox 

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master. He told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.
– Viggo Mortensen

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Many people do not understand anxiety, even anxiety sufferers do not understand anxiety.  In this episode, Gina discusses this issue and how to bring the topic up with friends and family.

Seven action steps you can take when telling people about your anxiety:

1) Don't be afraid to tell people

2) Be clear that you are not seeking help from people

3) Don't be too serious about it

4) Let them know you realize it will be hard for them to understand

5) Reassure them that the anxiety does not mean you are fragile and must be excluded from activities

6) Be open to questions

7) Let them know nobody would choose to live this way and that you do not want to live with anxiety

What a wonderful privilege to have the weaknesses of a man and the serenity of a god!  -Seneca

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We have more access to media today than ever before. It's up to us to decide what we let in and what we believe!  The negative bias of most media is anxiety producing, to say the least, listen in and take control over your media.

How to avoid catastrophic reactions:

1) Limit how often we watch news reports

2) Look at reputable information (not just any and all press)

3) Base things on truth and not just your feelings

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.
-Jim Morrison

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Negative and anxious thoughts can be dealt with by bringing happiness into the equation! Today Gina reviews a post by Dr Joe Mercola on how to be happier.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Links Mentioned In Today's Episode: Dr. Joe Mercolas' post on happiness

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